Lontar Handfans

All materials are made of palmyra palm leaves (Borassus flabellifer) and recycled things such as used newspapers, used pieces of paper, used cardboards, used compacts disks, used plastic packaging, and used clothes. The main material is palmyra palm leaves by fresh harvesting and natural preservation to make them strong and lasting usage. While, supported materials i.e. recycled stuff are gained through Waste Bank organization that we have built and collaborated with some local schools and households in the village.

All process in making the souvenirs is with 100 % handmade and high-creativity & quality by our team consists of local housewives, local students, and farmers. At its excellence in classy, elegant, unique, eco-friendly, and social-cultural messenger will bring each person holds it feel joyful and ‘proud’ taking a part supporting us!
“We Create, We Save The Earth, We Share Happiness!”

30.000 – 70.000 IDR

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