Every single day is passed through with numerous of struggling, sacrifice, work hard, and praying. The journey started in 2016, we believe we can make steps on forward hand by hand for our beloved family, village, and nation!

In September 2016, I Komang Sukarma (Komang) with his faculty-mates at Udayana University, I Gusti Putu Surya Angga Buana (Angga) and Ni Wayan Dadi (Dadi) found a national scientific writing competition via online. The theme caught their attention up with local optimization topic. There, Komang was born in the village called Tianyar Barat realized that in his village there are abundant natural resource named palmyra palm trees (Borassus flabellifer) will suit the contest. He knew that they can make something from it, something new or even become a beneficial thing in the future.

In addition, Komang was getting know that the condition in his own village not as good as what the natural resource has. He felt there was something unbalance and local community who live there, most of them do not have permanent jobs.

With Angga and Dadi, Komang finally came up with an idea to create a palmyra souvenir project named Eco Cili Bali Souvenir and made it to the competition with around 6 months preparation and research. They created the souvenir in the form of eco-dolls by using palmyra palm leaves and recycled materials. They also got the inspiration by using local cultural symbol named “Cili” which means fertility, beauty, and gratitude expression to God.

Thus, there are four concepts they built up namely social issue of unemployed in the village, the palmyra palm trees were not optimized well, cultural symbol preservation, and environment issue on household waste. Along with six months preparation and experiment, Komang, Angga, and Dadi finally found “the receipt” how to make a new souvenir with high philosophical value and to solve those four problems. This eventually brought them became runner up two in the competition among tens of participants across Indonesian students at Lampung University.

In the early 2017, they kept their idea on Cili Doll and saved their first grant, 500.000 IDR from their first competition. They were curious and started taking the idea into more improvisation and development in Business Incubator of Udayana University. There, they got a lot of practical and valuable knowledge and experience in making their idea turned into an enterprise – social enterprise and make more impacts not only for local community but also the environment.

All during the time, they joined some competitions again for funding and showed their business plan proposal whether it would be possible to make it came true or not. As they always got the guidance and stoppable trying and experiment, they won the national business plan competition with their first idea in improving their previous cili-doll became eco-palmyra recycled graduate gift for the first time in Indonesia. Many instructive inputs and comments toward them that raised them up with more innovation and creativity.

One year for product development through trial and error, Komang was on his holiday semester from the campus, every went back to village, he always invited his family; his mother, father, uncle, and aunt to join his handicraft invention and started teaching them constantly. Along with this process, Komang also invited other classmates and friends to join his team and form a well-structured team besides Angga while Dadi chose supporting Cilota by outside her permanent job as a Japanese teacher. Thank you so much Dadi. In the early of 2018, Komang and the team changed the name of their project into Cilota Bali which stands for Cili Lontar.

In April 2018, it became our first product launched to public and got the very first customer for the graduate gift in the form of clock. Through many processes and struggle and of course with various inputs, critics, recommendations, and comments, we successfully brought our ideas into more various products; local people especially housewives, farmers, and local students become Cilota Bali’s family. Now, we have been empowering around 15 families from different sub-villages (dusun) such as Dusun Taman Sari, Dusun Banjar Bengklok, Dusun Munti Gunung, and Dusun Buana Pule. Besides, we collaborate with 5 local schools for Waste Bank organizations as waste management-based school. With the tagline, “We Create, We Save The Earth, We Share Happiness!”, Cilota Bali hopes to create the inclusive sustainable system for local community’s prosperity and a better planet! KITA BISAAAAA, YES!

Are you ready to make impacts together?