Recycling & Waste Management

The issue of our environment nowadays is getting blooming with its unstoppable plastic waste at almost around us. We present ideas to solve this problem via a good waste management through Waste Bank (Bank Sampah)

We collaborate with local schools and corporations such as hospital, banjar (customary village), and shops to save their waste into our organization, Waste Bank of Cilota. Now, we have five local schools started from elementary school, junior high school, senior high school, and vocational school with their own management and get the students and teachers involved in.

All waste that have saved in the Waste Bank will be sent to the centre of waste bank in Buleleng and Denpasar. Besides, they also, of course, will be recycled and used for Cilota Bali’s souvenirs for the particular waste such as used newspaper, used cardboards, used pieces of papper, used compact disks, and used clothes. We believe, by doing this small action from now on, we can save the earth and bring lots of fruitful things in our life! For a better and clean environment, for a better palnet!

Are you ready to make impacts together?