Employment & Welfare

By job creation and employment in Tianyar Barat Village through Cilota Bali, we offer side and full job as they come for contributing to their village as well as family. During all this time, they just count on raining season will only come then they would have jobs. As the season ends, there is nothing much whether side or full job that they can do.

Since September 2016, Cilota Bali was created to come as one family one vision and one heart to build a better economy for 20 families as production team in the village through monthly stable income with education program for their children who study at school and a must-go-to-school that we extremely support with. By innovating and leadership cores along with our strong philosophy of ‘Tri Hita Karana’, the advantage of working here is not only gain income but also giving and creating impacts at each individual hand.

In “Suwud Nganggur, Mai Megae (let’s decrease of the unemployed in the village)”, Cilota Bali hopes to create an inclusive sustainable system for our community – everyone now has a job without leaving the village.

Are you ready to make impacts together?