Local Culture & Language Preservation

Cilota Bali stands for Cili Lontar. These two terms are our main things when we started the journey. Cili is a local cultural symbol in Bali which means fertility, beauty, and gratitude expression to God. While Lontar is a local language of palmyra palm tree itself.

The symbol of Cili finally brought us to an inspiration in making the souvenirs especially in our producs’ characteristics. The shape, the philosophy, and the value we bring completing our culture and language preservation mission become important parts in our community.

In Cilota Bali, we get our local students involved to be our team and develop their soft skills in arts. Let’s say Wahyu and Yuda, these two junior high school students are very talented artisans who has great skills in painting and writing Balinese script called aksara Bali. They combine their skills become unique, eco-friendly, and culture-language preservation value within the product, eco-ethnic painted bag. Shall we raise a pride using this stuff? Absolutely, we shall!

Are you ready to make impacts together?